GLASSY ACT: Taking a sweet, small right hander.
GLASSY ACT: Taking a sweet, small right hander. Style Surfing

Great conditions but watch out for 'bluies'

HAPPY new year to all you guys and gals out there, hope you all have an awesome 2018.

The festive season has been in full swing for the past two weeks with surfers trying to get the most out of the small swell around The Shire.

We have had waves everywhere and the water temperature has been perfect.

Surfing conditions are small but spectacular during the holidays so far in The Bay with a few days of north and east winds that have been bringing in plenty of blue bottles through the waves and zapping plenty of surfers.

Make sure you wash off in the salt water and pick all the blue bits off with your fingertips.

Run the sting area under hot water at home if pain persists (being careful not to burn yourself or others) otherwise seek medical advice if the pain gets radical and into your glands, under the arms or in the groin area. Only a surfer knows the feeling.

Conditions have been ideal for those taking lessons with Style Surfing School and you can book your lessons at the Quiksilver Surf Stores in Byron Bay.

We are expecting a small pulse of south swell coming in today or Friday but nothing too flash.

We'll all be happy as long as we see some more offshore winds with a bit more swell.

Happy Days and catch you in the waves. Gaz.


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