Father accused of taking the life of 14-week-old son

A GRANDMOTHER told a coroner "every ounce" of her believed her grandson's father took his life at 14 weeks.

Her comment came after a pathologist testified the Ipswich baby, who was found dead with healing broken ribs and a bruised face, could have been suffocated.

The maternal grandmother told Brisbane Coroners Court she spoke to the now 24-year-old father several times about being too rough with the baby - particularly over burping and throwing the child in the air.

"Every ounce of me tells me he not only harmed my grandson through his life but he has taken my grandson's life," she said.

The baby's parents gave completely different versions of what happened the night their son died.

The father told the court the baby "slipped" from his grip to the floor when he tried to feed him but there were no visible injuries.

He said he was high on heroin and marijuana when he left the baby propped against a pillow with the bottle in his mouth.

The father said he got distracted and forgot about his son while watching a movie, playing a game on his laptop and smoking pot.

He said he panicked when he came back in hours later to find the child had rolled over with the bottle still in his mouth, and his nose and mouth wedged against the pillow.

Lawyer Simon Burgess, acting for the mother, suggested the father came up with that version to explain a bruise on the child's face, which the pathologist suggested could have come from suffocation or a deliberate blow.

"That's why you've invented this evidence that you've accidentally dropped the baby on the night? You've manufactured that to try and cover something up?" he asked.

The father denied his version was false.

The mother, now 28, said she left the baby to sleep on a pillow on their queen-size bed with the bottle she had just fed him beside.

She said she checked on him a few times when he cried but her "controlling" partner told her to go watch a movie.

The mum said she assumed her partner settled the baby, heard him go to the toilet and then come running back in with the baby, which was not breathing.

Both the baby's parents, aged 20 and 24 when they had the baby between June and September 2009, admitted they consumed marijuana daily.

The father said he and the mother used heroin almost daily but the mother denied she was using it because she was on the methadone program.

The coroner reserved his decision until after he receives submissions from the parties.

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