Director of the Art Peace Gallery at Mullumbimby Nadine Abensur.
Director of the Art Peace Gallery at Mullumbimby Nadine Abensur. Christian Morrow

Grab a Piece of the North Coast art market

ONE of the regions's iconic art galleries, Art Piece Gallery in Mullumbimby, is on the market with the gallery's founder moving on after 11 years at the helm.

Nadine Abensur said many in the community thought she was a little mad when when she resurrected the recently closed, artist-run Piece Gallery in 2006 and turned it into a commercial gallery.

It's been quite a ride,” she said. "The gallery has held close to a hundred exhibitions, represented dozens and dozens of artists and sold literally thousands of art works.

"We launched the careers of several artists- artists who might not otherwise have found a footing on the exhibiting ladder.

"Even after the artists went go on to build national careers several continued to exhibit regularly here at Art Piece.

"Not bad in a little town which has only just recently started to wake up.”

Ms Abensur said she was was turning sixty in three weeks time and felt it was a good time to make a change.

Despite the ups and downs of the art market and the shifting tastes of the art buying public she recommends the life of a gallery owner.

"A thriving art gallery could be just the thing for some of the young people coming to the area,” she said. "They have such city dynamism and a great, fresh, contemporary aesthetic. Much of the hard work here has been done.

"The new owners would be walking into a thriving business and what could be more exciting than working with some of the most creative people in this most creative of shires.”

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