TOURING: Singer/songwriter Josh Pyke is coming to Byron Bay before taking a break from the grind of touring.
TOURING: Singer/songwriter Josh Pyke is coming to Byron Bay before taking a break from the grind of touring. CONTRIBUTED

Goodbye for now, Josh Pyke

AUSTRALIAN singer songwriter Josh Pyke brings his 10 Years Of Memories & Dust regional tour to Byron Bay alongside the news that he will be hanging up his 'Josh Pyke boots' and going on hiatus from the end of the year.

To celebrate his career and to say 'goodbye for now', Pyke is coming to perform his album Memories & Dust in full, alongside a second set packed with fan favourites.

Well-loved for his intricate storytelling, thoughtful folk-pop arrangements and finely honed stage chops, he has released five studio albums, all of which have gained prestigious accolades and critical acclaim.

Pyke said he was looking forward to the intimate show in Byron Bay.

"It's going to be a solo show, so I'll be presenting the songs the way I wrote them with an acoustic guitar, so it's going to be nice and intimate, lots of storytelling and exploring those narratives,” he said.

"It's ten years since my first album came out, and I always play solo in regional centres, it just means that I a get to a lot more places.”

"For me, as a performer, I like it both ways: when you play with a band it's big and bombastic, feeding off each other's energies, and playing solo is more like a conversation with the crowd, so it's really rewarding in a different way.

"With songs like Someone Else's Town, you can really delve into them a bit more emotionally when you are playing solo.

"I take a loop pedal and a sound box on the road, so it's been fun working out versions of some of the more band-oriented songs in that context.”

"You have to vary the songs and interpret them as you go along.”

Pyke said preparing for this tour brought back memories of writing the album.

"It's given me a bit of mental clarity of all that's happened in the last ten years,” he said.

"It's been so full-on and crazy, not just on my career, but also getting married and having kids.

"Also knowing that I'll be taking a break from touring and knowing that these shows will be the last ones for a while, allowed me to reflect on the things the songs are about and all the things I was trying to tell myself, let alone tell anybody else, so it's been really good and find that I still agree with almost everything with the sentiment of what I wrote back then.”

Pyke clarified he is only taking a break from touring his own songs.

"I'm not stopping music, I'm stopping touring for a while,” he said.

"I need to have a break from the cycle of the last 13 years of releasing an album and touring for two years.

"It's been amazing but I've wanted to dig into other projects, such as writing and producing for other artists.

"I am also working on a kids' TV show which is coming out in November and I found that really

rewarding so I want to do more of that stuff, but it's difficult if I am constantly on tour.

"I've already written a bunch of new songs and I love touring so if there are people that want to come and see me in three or four years, I'll be back up there, I reckon.”

At the Byron Bay Brewery on November 3. For details visit

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