Golden memories

WITH a full or half day to kill, take a tour up the mountain to the historic gold mining town of Mount Morgan.

Once a thriving gold industry centre, today it is a quaint and charming town surrounded by hills and bushland, making it an ideal retreat for retirees, artists and weekend escapees from the “big smoke” in Rocky.

Mount Morgan is home to one of the largest open cuts of gold mining in the southern hemisphere.

By the time it closed in 1981, the mine had produced 225,000kg of gold, 50,000kg of silver and 360,000 tonnes of copper.

The remnants of the gold mining industry, which made a lot of people very rich, is a once large mountain now transformed into one of the largest artificial waterholes on earth.

It is 2.5km long and more than 300m deep.

The mine site is well worth seeing, as is the Jurassic Caverns.

These man-made caverns, carved out for their clay to provide fire bricks for the mine, unearthed an archaeological treasure - dinosaur footprints by the dozen, all fully visible on the roof of the caves!

Both are best viewed under the expert and watchful eye of TMC Tours, an air-conditioned bus tour led by former miner John Steinberger.

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