Goals provide businesses with focus and direction

NEW Year's resolutions are our goals for the coming year, and having goals is extremely important.

They provide us with a focus and direction for achieving a desired outcome.

Without them we are like a sail boat without the rudder, drifting wherever the wind takes us.

Not that we follow through to completion with all of our resolutions.

But even if you've slipped back into doing things the same old way of doing things, initially you should have experienced a sense of satisfaction of moving forward.

Take the time to set new goals or renew your commitment to the resolution to achieve your old goals, whether it relates to running your own business, running a marathon, or running around with the family on weekends.

Do you know how much your goals cost?

You can realise the cost to you and your family by answering these questions:

  • Will my family and I pay an emotional price as I strive to reach this goal, will doing so be worth it to me?
  • If I must give up activities or possessions to reach this goal, will doing so be worth it to me?
  • Can I devote the time I need to reach this goal?
  • Will it affect my family time?
  • If reaching this goal will require funds, will I have access to them? Will using them deny my family of anything important to their well-being?
  • What else will I suffer as I pursue my goals?
  • Am I willing to pay the price? Am I willing to let my family pay the price for my ambitions?

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