Global icon comes to life in daddy-daughter time

The finished product was widely praised on social media. INSET: The original photo of David’s daughter.
The finished product was widely praised on social media. INSET: The original photo of David’s daughter. Original Statue Of Liberty Image William Warby

TO RECREATE a globally recognised icon, you're going to need a camera, a computer, an imagination, some patience and a willing participant. In my case, I used a smartphone and my two-year-old daughter.

First you'll need to look around and see what props are available. From there you'll be able to choose an appropriate icon to recreate.

Looking around my home I found my daughter's homemade paper crown, a blue towel, my wife's iPad in a pink protective case and a plunger. Perfect. The Statue of Liberty it is.

A quick Google search revealed an image by William Warby that is allowed to be "remixed" as long as the work is attributed to him. There, I did.

It was quite a challenge keeping the towel wrapped around my daughter like a toga. The biggest challenge, however, was encouraging the towel-clad toddler to hold the iPad under one arm while holding the plunger triumphantly in the air and maintaining eye contact with the lens.

The subject must be lit in a way that is consistent with the original image.

Next, get onto your computer and open your image manipulation program of choice. Photoshop is the obvious choice, but I chose to use free software by the name of, and I swear this is true, GIMP.

After airbrushing out the original Statue of Liberty, I etched, pasted, "desaturated", re-coloured and re-sized my daughter to make her look the part.

The image was widely shared and liked on social media and earnt me the praise of my contemporaries, typified in comments such as "Man U are clevaaaaaaa!!!". Plus, it is a lovely keepsake for my girl.

Follow David Stuart on Twitter: @bigkamo.

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