SPOOKY: There are tales that the Casino Courthouse is haunted by a resident ghost.
SPOOKY: There are tales that the Casino Courthouse is haunted by a resident ghost. Doug Eaton

Casino Courthouse's resident ghost feels ‘ignored’

GHOSTBUSTERS are keen to get to the bottom of paranormal activity reported at the historic Casino Courthouse involving the building's resident ghost, 'John'.

Acting registrar Mike Cleaver said in his 10 years working at the Walker St building, things go missing or are moved from time-to-time, but the "funny things" had escalated since renovations recently began.

John's paranormal interactions have "freaked out" some people, Mr Cleaver said.

From lights flickering or turning on, to doors locking by themselves, to workers' tools going missing, John clearly enjoys taunting people.

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After publishing a story on June 18 about the creepy happenings, The Northern Star contacted Ghost Hunters of Australia for their opinion.

Ghost Hunters of Australia founder Rick Burden has been investigating paranormal reports for more than 16 years.

When he read the story about John haunting Casino Courthouse, he was intrigued.

"Sounds like a lot of cool things happen there," Mr Burden said.

"I wont go into too much now, but I have been shown a few things.

"He is a very mischievous person, and does not like the idea of the place having work done to it.

"He is also very frustrated as no one is communicating with him - 'everyone is ignoring me'.

Mr Burden said he had been shown John's face.

"I get the feeling he passed away in the building, but he doesn't know he is dead," he said.

"He thinks he is very much still alive."

Ghost Hunters of Australia offered to investigate John for free.

"If anyone at the Court House wants a proper investigation done, my personal Team, Down Under Spirit Team, based in south-east Queensland, would be more than happy to come down and do a proper investigation," Mr Burden said.

The Northern Star asked the NSW Attorney General's Department for permission to allow Mr Burden and his team to investigate John.

A Department of Justice spokesman said: "The department has politely declined your request."

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