Singer Gerard Way.
Singer Gerard Way. Contributed

Gerard Way brings his new solo sound to Soundwave

GERARD Way is playing his radically different solo material in Australia for the first time.

The former Chemical Romance front man is touring the country with the Soundwave Festival.

Moving away from the pop punk sounds of his emo days with the successful New Jersey rock band, the 37-year-old has turned his attention to Britpop.

"It's been super fun and a big part of that is because it's been so different," he told APN.

"Different things are always fun, like the live show is very different and the nature of the music is very different. The energy is super positive."

His debut solo album Hesitant Alien is Way's interpretation of Britpop, a genre he has long been a fan of but never felt in a position to dabble in until now.

"It's very liberating to kind of wake up and be like 'this is what I want to do' and you just do it and then you just put it out," he said.

"II didn't set the goals bands usually set on themselves. I didn't want to take over the world.

"The music I made when I was in My Chemical Romance felt right for that time in my life. Britpop was a big thing but there were already so many artists doing amazing things that I didn't feel like I was going to do anything any better."

Gerard Way, centre, pictured during his time as the lead singer of My Chemical Romance.
Gerard Way, centre, pictured during his time as the lead singer of My Chemical Romance. Contributed

Way said he feels less pressure as a solo artist both in the recording studio and on the road.

"I feel less pressure because the decisions I make affect a lot fewer people," he said.

"That's something struggled with in My Chemical Romance. It wasn't anything anybody ever put on me. It was in my own head. I felt like any decision I was going to make would affect a lot of people, not only the band but the band's families and the crew and their families."

He plans to go back into the studio to record his second solo album later this year.

"The plan is to be in the studio in September, three months after that to have it finished and in 2016 to have a new album out," he said.

"It is the pace I want to set for myself. I want to be making art more frequently and more of it. When you're in a band it becomes a large machine it gets trapped in a cycle of quite a long time making an album and quite a long time touring on it."

Speaking of art, the comic book writer recently made his Marvel Universe debut penning an alternative universe Spider-Man series called Edge of Spider-Verse.

"That was so good. I was able to do whatever I wanted with the character, which was super fun and rewarding," he said.

"It was great looking at Spider-Man as concept as opposed to Peter Parker as a character."

Soundwave plays the Brisbane Showgrounds today and tomorrow.

Gerard Way plays Stage 2 tomorrow at 3pm.

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