Australia's gender pay gap hits record-high

THE national gender pay gap has risen to a record-high 18.8%, with the average man earning about $300 more per week than women in full-time roles.

New Australian Bureau of Statistics data shows Australian men take home an average weekly wage of $1587, compared to $1289 for females.

The financial and insurance services industry had the highest gender pay gap (29.6%), followed by health care and social assistance (29.1%) and rental, hiring and real estate services (28.7%).

The lowest gender pay gap was in the public administration and safety sector at 7.2%.

Workplace Gender Equality Agency research executive manager Dr Carla Harris said it was concerning to see gender pay gaps continuing to increase in this day and age.

"The silver lining is that some of the industries with the biggest gender pay gaps, for example financial and insurance services and health care and social assistance, have reduced their gender pay gaps in the past year," she said.

"It's clear that women aren't getting the same earning opportunities as men, and this has implications for women's financial security, particularly in old age.

"However, it is important to remember that the national gender pay gap is a high-level figure that shows general differences in earnings between women and men across the board.

"It is not a like-for-like analysis of women and men doing the same job and, therefore, it doesn't mean that women are earning 18.8% less than men in the same role."

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