GAG estimates 2500 gas wells

THE Kyogle Group Against Gas has claimed Metgasco would need more than 2500 coal seam gas production wells on the Northern Rivers to supply its planned projects.

But a Metgasco spokesperson has labelled the estimate "premature" and said the group's calculations are based on incorrect assumptions.

Kyogle Group Against Gas (GAG) spokeswoman Boudicca Cerese said Metgasco's approved 40 to 55 well gas field near Casino would produce 2.3 Petajoules of gas.

But the company's proposed Lions Way Pipeline is designed to carry 60 Petajoules, and a proposed gas export facility would require 90 Petajoules, she says.

"By our conservative estimates, (the pipeline) could require more than 1000 gas wells," Ms Cerese said.

"(And) an export facility of this size would require 90 Petajoules of gas, which we estimate would require at least 1500 gas wells.

"So the current plans the company has for the region would necessitate that in excess of 2500 gas wells be drilled in the Northern Rivers," she said.

But, a Metgasco spokesperson said estimating the number of wells required is premature at this stage and can't be estimated until the company is more advanced in its market negotiations.

"At that stage we will know how big the market is and will have more data on the productivity and characteristics of our wells," the spokesperson said.

Ms Cerese said GAG will be calling on the State Government to "engage in strategic regional land use planning for the region" when hearings of a State Government inquiry into coal seam gas are held at Alstonville on Wednesday.

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