From fan to host of shifty reality series The Mole

Shura Taft hosts The Mole.
Shura Taft hosts The Mole. Contributed by Channel 7

THE Mole host Shura Taft is a massive fan of the shifty reality series, which has been revived by Channel 7.

The 30-year-old still has his Year 12 diary to prove it.

"The back of it has notes on the first series of The Mole," he told The Guide.

"I think that's part of what the allure is. It can cause a conversation or an argument, but it's not a show that requires audience voting. It's not your favourite person."

In fact, The Mole is driven by the exact opposite - an undercover saboteur whose single goal is to prevent the other 11 contestants from winning challenges and money.

"It is a full-on stressful experience," Taft said.

"You're cut off from your family, living with these people, you're in a game the whole time and you don't know if you can trust anyone."

Not even Taft knew who The Mole was.

The Mole - Seven - Tuesday at 7.30pm

"Only the mole and the producer knew," he said. "It was very tough early on. There was no clear-cut person."

Taft said there was a range of motivations for why the contestants auditioned for the show.

"Linda is a mother of two and she wants to show she's not just a 42-year-old woman who can't do anything," he said.

"Then you've got younger people like Sam and Mozzie who want to have fun and test themselves and see what happens."

At the end of each episode the contestants must complete a quiz about the mole and whoever scores the lowest is eliminated.

The total prize money depends on how well the contestants, and the mole, perform in the challenges.

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