Beauty and the Geek winners Brett and Emily in Fiji.
Beauty and the Geek winners Brett and Emily in Fiji. Channel 7

Friendship helps Brett and Emily win Beauty and the Geek

BRETT d'Avoine and Emily Craig have won the fifth series of Beauty and the Geek.

The duo pocketed a cool $100,000 for their efforts in tonight's grand final, which saw the friends swim with sharks and kiss each other.

"We all had to kiss our partners, I was like 'ewh this is really gross' but at the same time whatever, it's just kissing I don't really care," 19-year-old beauty Emily told APN.

"We're good friends so I was like 'don't open your eyes, don't stick your tongue out'."

Emily, who like Brett is from Victoria, credited their win to their close friendship and ability to work together.

Brett has already reaped the benefits of his transformation on the show, which saw him get a makeover and go on a blind date.

The 25-year-old now has a girlfriend, Sonia, whom he met after filming of the show finished in Fiji.

"She met him right before it aired and I think she's a bit overwhelmed with the show," Emily said.

"He's very happy and I'm glad he's found her. She seems like a nice girl."

Brett after his makeover.
Brett after his makeover. ROB MEYER

More than 1.6 million viewers tuned in to this year's makeover episode where Brett lost his beard, got his chest waxed and was given a spray tan.

Considering he still lives with his parents, Brett is most likely to put his winnings towards a house and video games, his favourite pastime, said Emily.

She plans to put her $50,000 toward her own personal training business.

Sadly the other two romances on the show, Matthew and Ntula and Zach and Cassie, haven't worked out.

"I think Cassie and Zach knew it wasn't going to lead anywhere after the show finished because Zach lives in New Zealand and Cassie lives in Sydney," Emily said.

"Matt and Ntula were going out for a while but it just didn't work out, which was sad because they really liked each other."

Emily said she's happy with how she's been portrayed on the show, which pairs beautiful women up with "geeks" so that they can learn from one another, and would recommend it to anyone.

"I would do it all again if I could," she said.

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