Dumped One Nation candidate Shan Ju Lin and Pauline Hanson. Source: Facebook.
Dumped One Nation candidate Shan Ju Lin and Pauline Hanson. Source: Facebook.

Friends support One Nation candidate dumped over homophobia

FRIENDS of dumped One Nation candidate Shan Ju Lin have posted messages of support after she was thrown out of Pauline Hanson's party over homophobic Facebook posts. 

The Taiwanese born candidate for the state seat of Bundamba - in Ms Hanson's hometown of Ipswich - was kicked out of One Nation over a post which linked homosexuality to pedophilia. 

On Friday the Huffington Post ran a story on one of Ms Lin's numerous anti-gay posts. 

"Abnormal sex behaviour leads to abnormal crime," the post said.

"Gays should be treated as patients, they need to receive treatments."

Underneath she posted a link to a story in which two gay men were accused of sex crimes - they were later cleared.

That post has reportedly since been deleted. 

This morning Pauline Hanson's chief of staff, James Ashby, confirmed Ms Lin has been dumped from the party. 

Late last night after reports emerged of her axing she took to Facebook posting: "Thanks for all supporters, no matter what happened, I will continue to hold the values that we are holding."

Underneath dozens of people spoke out in her defence - many condemning One Nation. 

"You expressed views that ring true with voters. Not all would agree but that's part of being in a democracy," Peter Brown wrote, 

"Wowwwww what a Revelation if you are not Gay Friendly enough - you are not wanted by One Nation," Luke Donohue wrote. 

"So, One Nation is anti-Islam because they're pro-gay? Looks like they've just lost the Christian vote," Eddie Sim posted. 

Others said Ms Lin needed to offer an explanation - with one poster asking her to "please explain."

The post which saw Ms Lin kicked out of One Nation was not her first homosexuality and it was not her last. 

In response to the initial story on her homophobia Ms Lin quickly shared two more news stories, with the first again inferring that gay men were more likely to be pedophiles. 

About six hours after she learned about the Huffington Post story Ms Lin posted a link to another news site with a story about two who adopted and then sexually abused a toddler. 

"These kids need voices," she wrote.

She then followed up with a story of questionable reliability about a man who married his adopted son writing: "Was the son born gay?"

Ms Lin has been contacted for comment. 

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