Friend's heart aches for mum lost in Biddeston tragedy

Jackson, 7, and Kris-Deann Sharpley.
Jackson, 7, and Kris-Deann Sharpley.

WHEN Kris-Deann Sharpley spoke to her close friend for what would be the last time, it was like the thousands of almost-daily conversations between the two over the years.

Ms Sharpley's son Jackson, 7, had been singing a nursery rhyme his Nana, who died about three years ago, sang to him when he was just a baby.

She was excited about the impending arrival of her daughter whom she had named Amber. The birth was just two weeks away.

She made no mention of the troubles that were about to unfold and devastate a close-knit family.

"Everything seemed to be fine," Corinne Kaiser, a close Sharpley family friend, said.

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Ms Kaiser spoke to Ms Sharpley late Sunday afternoon. Hours later, three gunshots would ring out in the small, rural town of Biddeston.

One of those gunshots would kill Ms Sharpley. The other, her father Derek.

Jackson was probably already dead at that stage, believed to have been suffocated by his grandfather and tucked into his bed.

They were not found until late Monday afternoon.

Since that devastating discovery, Ms Kaiser, along with members of the Sharpley family and their many friends, have been living a nightmare.

"We were all devastated," she said. "My heart has been aching ever since."

Ms Kaiser described Ms Sharpley as a "dedicated, loving mother" and Jackson as an adventurous young man who loved boxing and swimming.

"He was always very happy," she said.

"And he loved his grandfather. He idolised him."

Members of the Sharpley family and their closest friends gathered in Toowoomba yesterday afternoon for the first time since the tragic deaths.

Ms Kaiser said the family was feeling "the incomprehensible heartache of losing loved ones".

"But they're getting through it by talking and being there for one another."

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