French fusion meets summer practicality

The latest collection from Bon Label.
The latest collection from Bon Label.

Inspiration can come from far-flung places. Bon Label creator Linda Smith's source for her latest collection sounds like a scene from a classic Disney film. "The most interesting discovery was a fabric mill in France,” she says.

"It was literally a treasure trove of the most incredible fabrics I've ever seen.

The latest collection from Bon Label.
The latest collection from Bon Label.

"I actually got tears in my eyes when I saw the fabrics, they are insanely beautiful.

"The founder worked directly with Coco Chanel, eventually creating her own company in 1987 - and they still supply fabrics to Chanel today. They use traditional looms and so much love, passion and talent goes into both the design and production of the fabrics - it's inspiring, modern and beautiful.”

The fabric Linda references is hard to miss. Sparkling, glittering and golden, it's a treat for the eyes while still somehow retaining its subtlety.

"The Golden Thread fabric in our Resort collection was made for us by this mill and it makes me so happy,” Linda says.

Bon Label by Linda Smith.
Bon Label by Linda Smith.

"I love to think about all the good times our customers will have in these styles.

"You can't help but feel good when you're wearing it.”

It's a treat for the body as well, with Linda designing her garments specifically for the hot Australian summer and tackling the challenge of fusing fashion with practicality.

The latest collection from Bon Label.
The latest collection from Bon Label.

"We approach summer design in the same way our customers approach their wardrobes on a 40-degree day - garments with minimal skin contact, looser shapes and natural fibres,” she says.

"With literally less to play with, subtle design elements, interesting shapes and amazing fabrics play a bigger role.

"I love that challenge of maintaining a minimalist style when you're already working with not much. I think it's more fun because you're wearing less, so you have to think more about adding your own style into your outfit.”

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