SAY I DO:Rhiannon Solinas and Josh Pearce were set to wed at Callaghan Park today (Friday) but have been forced to move their wedding to October.
SAY I DO:Rhiannon Solinas and Josh Pearce were set to wed at Callaghan Park today (Friday) but have been forced to move their wedding to October. Allan Reinikka ROK060417awedding

Rocky couple's big day washed away by flood

THEY say rain on a wedding day is good luck, so what does it means if it floods?

Well Rhiannon Solinas and Josh Pearce are hoping it means a lifetime of happiness after being forced to push their wedding back six months, all thanks to the Fitzroy River bursting its banks.

The pair were scheduled to be married at Callaghan Park today but had their hearts broken last week when they received a phone call confirming what they already thought to be true - the racecourse would be underwater and unusable.

Holding hopes out they could still get married on their set date, the young couple searched for a second venue. Kortes Resort agreed to host the last-minute wedding and the pair could breath easy.

But it seemed everything was working against the pair with the flood prediction levels rising from 8.5m to 9m.

With the airport looking to close the couple made a last-minute decision to ditch the original date and reschedule.

"We thought we were going to be all right because Callaghan Park had pretty good drainage apparently but when they released the flood levels obviously The Commons is the first thing to go under, so the race course goes under," Josh said.

"So we went to Kortes Resort and spoke to them; Rhiannon was on the phone to them for 15 minutes and they set us all up.

"Then obviously they closed the airport later on in the week so we couldn't get 80% of our guests here, so we had to postpone."

Rhiannon said it was all a big rush trying to reschedule their main vendors for later on in the year.

And being a week out from the wedding everything was already paid for.

"By then it was a week out to the wedding and we had paid everything so we quickly chose a date that was available in October and then we got a hold of everyone and said look are you available at this time," she said.

"Everyone came back to us saying they were available so we just said to the vendors, keep the money and move the date, and then from there we've just kept the venue at Kortes."

Rhiannon and Josh decided to postpone their wedding until October, giving their guests enough time to rebook flights and schedule time off work.

"We probably could have pushed it sooner but it's the fact that we're thinking of everyone else getting here," Josh said.

"They've just spent a lot of money to try to get here and then we've had to get credit back on flights so we didn't want them forking out again in a month or two months' time but six months' time gives everyone a bit of notice."

While the couple managed to reschedule nearly everything they needed to with the wedding there was one thing which couldn't be changed, the honeymoon.

"We could postpone our honeymoon but it would cost more and a lot of our flights were non-refundable. So we got on to our travel agent and she's been able to divert us out of Gladstone so we will still go and have a bit of a holiday," Josh said.

"It was about $4000 worth of stuff we had booked so it was not something we were willing to just lose, we had time off at work and everything," Rhiannon added.

Despite the drama which the floods have brought the pair, they have seen the positives throughout the whole situation.

They say postponing the wedding gives them time to save a bit more and make the wedding exactly what they want.

"Initially we were heartbroken but everything turned out better, Kortes Resort is getting a function room so we will have more space there, all these little things were coming together," Rhiannon said.

"There are people loosing their houses, we've got it so much better, there are people so much worse off."

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