Justine Jones
Justine Jones Contributed

Flatmate tells of Justine’s last night

WATCHING her flatmate Justine Jones and Ms Jones' former lover share a wine over music, Roxanne Hockey had no concerns about leaving them alone.

Although Richard Peter Coburn had been to the Alexandra Headland unit only once before, Ms Hockey thought he and Ms Jones were getting on reasonably well.

But that night on July 7, 2010, would be the last time Ms Hockey would see Ms Jones.

Coburn has pleaded not guilty in Brisbane Supreme Court to killing the barmaid and dumping her body in a wheelie bin.

Ms Hockey said she came home at 6.30pm on July 7 to get ready to go out and saw Coburn and Ms Jones drinking and listening to music.

The court heard that the women talked out of Coburn's earshot about Ms Jones' current beau, Nathan Lacey.

"I was in the bathroom putting make-up on and she came in and told me Nathan had come over and she felt uncomfortable that he had just rolled in while Richard was there," Ms Hockey said.

"(She said) he left in a bit of a huff."

The trial continues.

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