Flappy Birds re-release confirmed by Dong Nguyen

FLAPPY Bird creator Dong Nguyen has officially confirmed the re-release of the renowned game that has gained attention from fans worldwide and impacted the app industry forever!

Dong removed Flappy Bird from the app store on February 8th due to the attention it was gaining and because it was overly addictive.

Rumours first spread earlier this month that he was bringing Flappy Bird back when he hinted at reintroducing the game during an interview with Rolling Stone.

Since then, numerous confirmations have surfaced such as Dong tweeting to fans stating he is "definitely bringing Flappy Bird back, but with the re-release of the app will come a warning: Please take a break."

"One month after Dong took Flappy Bird off the app store over 1000 clones have copied him. The app store has been inundated with replicas and clones of the app.

"Flappy Bird has changed the face of mobile gaming forever and I could not agree more with Dong's decision to bring it back to the app store" says Dale Carr, CEO and founder of LeadBolt.

"Commercially it's a smart decision as it gives Dong the opportunity to develop the app further. He is clearly getting ripped off by all the clones so it's definitely a good move to bring it back to the store. At the height of its popularity, Flappy Bird was earning Dong more than $50,000 per day, and even after he removed it from the App Store, the game has continued earning him money.

"In its absence, hundreds of Flappy Bird clone apps have been released on the App Store, each one attempting to earn some of the revenue Dong was generating," Dale says.

"Our lawyers have said that in their opinion, Dong can stop the replicas and retro-seize all the income they have generated from copying his idea," says Dale.

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