Vibe Hotel on the Gold Coast.
Vibe Hotel on the Gold Coast.

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ONCE upon a time, there were three best friends.

The fun-loving trio were poles apart, both in physical appearance and in personality. But all three did share a common approach to festivity, friendship and a love of life.

As is common knowledge among BFFs the world over, life is often so hectic that the catch-ups throughout the week consist of a coffee or even just a simple text.

It was time for drastic action.

And no quick-fix girls' night within the confines of home was going to do. We needed to remember being footloose and fancy free.

So a “glamorous” night away in the heart of all the action, at Vibe Hotel Gold Coast, was booked.

Vibe Hotels and Napoleon Perdis have come together to create the ultimate girls' night in or out and there are presents, makeovers and cocktails for all.

Located in the middle of Gold Coast capital Surfers Paradise, Vibe is just a hop, skip and a jump from the heart of the shopping district. Modest yet comfortable, the basic accommodation came with a balcony perfect for copious champagne and girl talk.

Now things did not go all to plan for our protagonists on this essential, and all too rare, getaway.

The Glamorous Nights package includes a Napoleon Perdis in-store makeover voucher ($60) for each lady.

On the 2pm check-in and on receiving their “Glamorous” gift bags, it was discovered the Napoleon Perdis vouchers could not be used on Saturdays and must be pre-booked. The only alternative for a makeover became Sunday.

Now this opens up several problematic scenarios, a) if you only made it to bed a few short hours earlier, b) NP staff are booked solid, or c) children and husbands beckon at home.

So my advice is, plan to change plans if necessary.

The two-for-one cocktail vouchers, too, sadly became only mementos to take home when we farewelled our balcony party and went downstairs to find the in-house bar and the restaurant had closed at 8pm on a Saturday night.

It seemed over before it began, but this trio is known for its steely resolve, so arm in arm and in our most appropriate cocktail dresses and sky-high heels, we set out on the unsuspecting town.

After sifting through several of the cocktail bars, who knew we would find ourselves most at home at the Hard Rock Café for dinner and then O'Malleys on the beach for some fabulous dancing, merriment and new friends.

With just a few hours sleep, and only a slightly ticking migraine time-bomb, it was breakfast time and our package vouchers were accepted without incident.

The Glamorous Nights package individual gift bags received at reception did leave us girls giddy with excitement, thanks to the impressive NP products inside.

Like every good fairytale, there were bumpson this Glamorous Nights getaway. But over the 24 hours there were some unforgettable moments that will last a lifetime.

Yes, these girls could have fun in a paper bag, but the expense and rare time away should live up to all its promises.

Be sure to address makeover and voucher concerns, including expiry dates, when booking your Glamorous Nights package.

And you too, will have a weekend to remember.

Glamorous Nights packages can be used at Vibe Hotels in Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin or the Gold Coast. Vibe Hotel Gold Coast has apologised for the Curve Bar being closed, and has said Vibe Hotels strive to ensure every guest has the best possible experience, and the Glamorous Nights package is no exception.

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