Friends of RSPCA Gladstone Volunteers Judy Whicker, husband Kevin, and Bianca Pavier.
Friends of RSPCA Gladstone Volunteers Judy Whicker, husband Kevin, and Bianca Pavier. Chrissy Harris

Puppies winning fight for life

WHEN it comes to fighting for life these three young battlers have defied the odds.

Puppies Monty, Mickey and Minnie were surrendered to Gladstone Pound last Wednesday (June1) at two weeks of age.

 Malnourished, freezing cold, with their eyes still not fully open a local woman handed the unwanted puppies, thought to be Chihuahua cross Fox Terrier, over to staff members in a box claiming they were six weeks of age.

There were fears they would not survive the day but it’s amazing what a difference a week can make.

The trio’s gallant fight for life has amazed Friends of RSPCA Gladstone, who have lovingly opened their arms to their youngest and most delicate unwanted animals yet.

Volunteers Judy and Kev Whicker spent the first two days and nights feeding the puppies every hour via syringe.

They are now being assisted by Friends of RSPCA Gladstone 14-year-old foster carer Bianca Pavier and her mother Rene who have taken Monty in to their care.

“Kev and I have kept Mickey and Minnie and Bianca and Rene are doing a wonderful job with Monty,” Mrs Whicker said.

“It really was touch and go as they were so tiny.

“I guess the only good thing is that this lady did deliver them to the pound to be put down rather than dropping them on the side of the road or drowning them.”

Mrs Whicker said this scenario was another brutally honest reminder of why people need to de-sex their pets to avoid unwanted litters.

Weighing only 180 grams when brought to the pound,  the puppies now weigh 300 grams each and have had their feeding time extended out to about every three to four hours.

Unfortunately, Mrs Whicker said the female puppy Minnie is blind in one eye.

“Even though they are still very small and young and unsteady on their legs they are now developing their own little personalities and are all very lovable,” Mrs Whicker said.

“They love nothing better than cuddling into your neck.”

Mrs Whicker said they would be looking for potential adopters in about six weeks.

But she was quick to add she would be very strict about where these babies go to.

Those interested in fostering or adopting these puppies can phone Judy Whicker on 0417 065 394.

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