Why you should comply with a bus driver

Fight erupts on a bus over simple request

WARNING: Explicit Language

A SIMPLE request to see the date on a concession card has caused a man to begin swearing and harassing a bus driver in Brisbane yesterday.

The man made it past the driver, forcing her to keep the bus stopped in place and to head back and confront him.

The driver repeatedly asked to see if the date on the concession card was valid, to which he refused.

A fellow passenger accused the man of being known to police, to which the bus driver replied she knew he was known to police and he was known to "every single bus driver as well".

He continued refusing to show the concession card, saying "I know me rights[sic]."

The bus driver countered that it was her right to refuse anyone from boarding the bus at her discretion. 

Eventually, the man did show the concession card to the driver, revealing a valid date on the card.

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