FASHIONISTAS: Tweed fashion designers Rose Madden and Vanessa Cave with some of their designs.
FASHIONISTAS: Tweed fashion designers Rose Madden and Vanessa Cave with some of their designs. Scott Powick

Fashions just got funkier in Tweed

TWO Tweed friends have brought their fascination with retro fashion into full focus by launching their own label.

After spending hours op-shopping and day dreaming about the flowery patterns of the 1970s, Rose Madden and Vanessa Cave created Nine Lives Bazaar fashion label.

We chat to Vanessa about Nine Lives Bazaar:

What inspires your designs?

We are head over heels in love with all the retro prints that came out of that era.

One thing that drives us insane that the best retro-printed clothes have the most unflattering cuts.

For so long we asked ourselves - why is no one creating these prints with a more flattering, modern twist on the cuts?

We are bold females and we like to wear clothes that suit us to the core. So we like to translate that vibe into Nine Lives.

We believe men and women alike should have fun with the way they dress.

Let your style be a reflection of your personality and notice how much more vibrant you will feel.

Why do you think the fashion industry is taking off in the Northern Rivers?

The Northern Rivers is a magnet for creative-minded, free-spirited people who are constantly looking for ways to express themselves.

One of the most obvious ways people can show their creativity to the outside world is through the clothing they wear, so giving these local folk an outlet through our bold prints and styles allows them to be the best version of their creative selves.

What are your future plans for the business?

This year we are turning our focus to expanding our stockists on a national and and international scale.

We are also hoping to open our first flagship store locally within the next 12 months.

For more information about Nine Lives Bazaar, contact:


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