Family feud puts 60-year-old farmer behind bars

A FARMER who ended a dispute over the family farm with his brothers by crashing into their cars and trying to hit them with a ute has been jailed for contravening a court order.

Leslie Roland Paroz was involved in a long-running litigation dispute with his brothers and their wives over farming partnerships carried out on land in Laidley and Mutdapilly, some of which was acquired by Mr Paroz's parents.

In April 2010, the Supreme Court granted an interlocutory injunction against Mr Paroz preventing him from carrying out farming on the properties. A month later, the court also ordered the 60-year-old remove cattle from the properties.

In a judgment released recently, Supreme Court Justice Peter Lyons stated Mr Paroz breached those orders on 14 occasions when he carried out planting and slashing on about 80% of the land under the subject of the court orders.

He also failed to remove his 175 head of cattle by July 2010. In August 2010, Justice Lyons sentenced Mr Paroz, who had no prior criminal history, for contempt of court.

He sentenced him to nine months jail term, but suspended the sentence immediately.

But Mr Paroz came before the court again after he used his ute to crash into his two brothers' and nephew's cars before driving towards one of the brothers, who managed to jump clear.

Justice Lyons stated Mr Paroz also accelerated towards his other brother and nephew before hitting a tank at the Mutdapilly property.

He was charged with dangerously operating a vehicle and five counts of wilful damage.

Justice Lyons said Mr Paroz had gone to the property expecting to find cattle, but they had been sold.

"...(which was) carried out with the authority of receivers to his appointment to sell those cattle, he had himself consented," he said.

Mr Paroz in court proceedings referred to the fact his conduct was due to the fact he had to support himself and his mother and had nothing outside of farming.

"That in my view is not of particular significance in deciding whether the whole of the suspended imprisonment should be served," Justice Lyons said.

Justice Lyons ordered Mr Paroz serve the rest of the suspended sentence imposed on him for the contempt charge.

Mr Paroz will be eligible for parole on April 22, 2013.

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