Is that fair? Italian police score a Lamborghini patrol car

RAPID COPPERS: Huracan with 455kW V10 engine will serve as a patrol car and first aid emergency transport
RAPID COPPERS: Huracan with 455kW V10 engine will serve as a patrol car and first aid emergency transport Foto Guizzardi Umberto

THERE'S been plenty of fuss over what cars our police forces across Australia will use once there's no more supply of Aussie-built options.  

There's been no such drama in Italy.   

Has to be locally built? No problem, let's see what Lamborghini has got.  

The Italian Highway Patrol in Rome has just taken delivery of a new Huracan Polizia, the police version of its Huracan super sports car.  

Adorned in the official colours of the Italian Police (Medium Blue), it has white areas and lettering specially executed to match the Huracan's styling, and a stripe divided into the colours of the Italian flag running along both its sides. A very rapid exercise in patriotism.  

Keys to the 455kW V10 Huracan were handed over by Lamborghini CEO Stefano Domenicali, with a delighted looking Chief of Police in attendance at the ceremony. 

2017 Lamborghini Hurac n Polizia
2017 Lamborghini Hurac n Polizia

The relationship between Italian police and Lamborghini has been a long one, with an older Huracan having been in service since 2015, and prior to that a 2009 Gallardo Polizia ensured local speeders were swiftly dealt with.  

If you feel like outrunning this latest addition, make sure you have the ability to beat the Hurcan's 0-100kmh time of 3.2-seconds and 0-200kmh of 9.9-seconds.  

The new Huracan Polizia's role will be twofold. First there's the highway patrol service where there's not much that'll be able to outrun it, but also, and this makes for good PR, it will serve as first aid emergency transport.  

And let's face it, if you were in dire need of a new heart you'd be quite chuffed to learn there was a Huracan with a special refrigeration system for urgent organ transportation doing the job.  

The all-wheel-drive Lambo also features a defibrillator as well as traditional equipment such as a gun holster, portable extinguisher and VHF police radio.   

High-tech kit on board includes a tablet supplemented with a computer, recording equipment and video camera to document police operations on the road. It really is quite the all-rounder.  

One problem though. Where on earth do you put the criminals to cart them down to the station?

Maybe we'll just stick with our Commodores thanks...

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