Tina Miles, of South Pacific Cleaning, wipes over the walls with a mop using chlorine to rid the surface of mould.
Tina Miles, of South Pacific Cleaning, wipes over the walls with a mop using chlorine to rid the surface of mould. Lauren Reed

Experts share mould tips

THERE’S been wet weather and houses closed for holidays – now Mackay home owners are gearing up to defeat the dreaded ‘black spread’ of mould.

Apart from the dank look and repulsive smell, mould spores can irritate and cause cold-like symptoms and respiratory problems, and residents are using any dry days to kick-start mould action plans.

Porters sales team member Karen James said Porters had been wiped clean of mould-related products, including oil of cloves and air-moisture absorbers.

“With all the rain and water sitting around mould has been very bad, and everyone has their own potion or grandma’s remedy to address it.

“We’ve been selling a lot of (natural remedy) oil of cloves – we haven’t got a bottle left in stock at the moment. You just need a few drops and it’s supposed to stop the mould coming back as well as helping remove it.

“We are also sold out of our air-absorbers until the trucks can get through. These take the moisture out of the air and can be put in rooms, cupboards (to protect clothes) or cars,” Ms James said.

She said sugar soap and bleach or chlorine remained in demand with a ‘30 Seconds’ range of specialised products selling well, including an instant clean for mould-stricken driveways.

South Pacific Cleaning owner Tina Miles said the mould alarm was likely to come first from bathrooms and around windows where dark patches were prone to emerge in extra moisture.

“Wherever you’ve got dust is also likely to mould, because mould is a fungi of dust,” she said.

Ms Miles said South Pacific Cleaning was often asked to clean items such as lounges as well as ceilings, walls and vertical blinds in commercial buildings and rental vacates.

“Cleaning mould is particularly difficult for people who are elderly or with disabilities, so we are also called in to help in those cases,” she said.

Ms Miles said a blend of old-fashioned bleach or chlorine with water was an effective remedy for walls and hard surfaces, but cleaning should be done in dry conditions.

“You can dilute this accordingly depending on the amount of mould, and there are also products available for people with allergies.

“Often extension poles and step ladders can be the only way to get to ceilings, and when carpets and couches go musty, steam cleaning is usually needed,” she said.

However, she warned mould removal also required the most old-fashioned product of all – elbow grease.

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