Fashion store owner Alanna Martin has great ideas for the latest winter looks.
Fashion store owner Alanna Martin has great ideas for the latest winter looks. Kerry Thomas

Layers key to hot winter look

THE SECRET to getting through this winter lies in the art of layering, according to Alanna Martin of Fashionista Sista.

“We don't have a particularly severe winter (in Gladstone), so you can get away with wearing a lot of clothes from your summer wardrobe provided that you layer them properly,” Ms Martin said.

“For instance, you can take a dress you normally wear in summer, team it with a nice soft cardi, belt and boots and there you have it.”

“We're lucky that in our temperate climate a lot of what you have in your cupboard can be used all year.”

Layering outfits is an ideal fashion solution in Gladstone due to our region's tendency toward warmer days, but cooler mornings and evenings. Be prepared by wearing cardigans, jackets or scarves during the day.“Heavy wools aren't really suited to our climate,” Ms Martin said.

“We're a lot better off investing in a light knit or taking a cardigan with us when we go out.”

In terms of winter must-haves, Ms Martin suggested investing in a good pair of flat boots, some skinny-leg jeans, a black jacket and some oversize knits.

“Look for a jacket you can mix and match with dresses as well as pants,” she said. “A good black jacket can last you for several seasons.”

She also advised people not to be scared of skinny-leg jeans.

“They really can work well on all body shapes depending on how you wear them,” she said.

“By teaming them with slouchy boots, you can add width to your lower leg, which balances out your thighs.”

Other clothes to team with skinnies included draped t-shirts and jackets, oversize knits, loose fit blouses and of course, a killer pair of heels for winter nights out.

Ms Martin stressed that just because the days were grey, did not mean wardrobes had to match.

“We'll see a lot of caramels, a lot of khakis, a lot of traditional black,” she said.

“But there are a lot of ways to brighten up those shades.”

Ms Martin said the perfect way to do this was with accessories.

“For extra colour, add a bright scarf, statement necklace or some patterned tights,” she said.

“A cool belt also adds instant winter style.”

Regardless of what is considered ‘in' this winter, Ms Martin is adamant that people should always consider their shapes when picking a style.

“Always pick a style that suits you,” she said.

“A lot of (unflattering fashion) can be avoided by choosing clothes that are tailored to your individual shape.”

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