Richmond MP Justine Elliot.
Richmond MP Justine Elliot. Jay Cronan

Elliot attacks NSW Government over Tweed amalgamation plan

RICHMOND MP, Justine Elliot has attacked the NSW Government over possible job cuts if a council amalgamation goes ahead.

She said the dismantling of Tweed Shire Council would result in 300 job cuts and services slashed.

A NSW State Government commissioned report -'Future Directions for NSW Local Government - Twenty Essential Steps' it proposes that Lismore becomes the head of a Northern Rivers 'mega' County Council, with the mayor and general manager of Lismore at the helm.

"The National Party MPs Geoff Provest and Thomas George will be held responsible by the people of Tweed should these drastic job and service cuts go ahead," Mrs Elliot said.

"Sacking 300 people from Tweed Shire Council will devastate local families and our local economy."

She said the service cuts would mean the Tweed would be run out of Lismore and Tweed residents would have little to no say in relation to Tweed services.

"If the North Coast Nationals get away with this, Tweed Shire Council could be reduced to little more than a lawn mowing service," Mrs Elliot said.

"Under this plan the major council services like planning, water and roads would all be controlled by Lismore.

"For instance, it would be unfair to have the ratepayers of Tweed paying for water infrastructure repairs in a neighbouring shire."

She said the North Coast Nationals "should be ashamed of themselves and their party if these massive job and service cuts happen."

"It will show yet again that you can't trust the National Party," Mrs Elliot said.

"If this is what the Nationals do at a state level we can only imagine how destructive Tony Abbott and the Nationals will be if elected at a Federal level."

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