Justine Elliot has retained the seat of Richmond.
Justine Elliot has retained the seat of Richmond. John Gass

Richmond: Fraser calls early defeat as Elliot wins

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Updated, 9.18pm: JUSTINE Elliot has retained the seat of Richmond. 

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Updated, 9.03pm: NATIONALS candidate for Richmond Matthew Fraser has called defeat despite just over 50% of the votes counted.

"We won the war but not the battle," a defeated Mr Fraser said.   

The mood at the election party was somber as the results rolled in.  

"I am disappointed that we haven't been able to get across the line," Mr Fraser said.  

"It's going to be very unfortunate to have Justine in office again because she's now the opposition."  

Despite calling it a loss Mr Fraser said it wasn't a terrible result.   

"What I feel good about is it looks like we've won the primary vote," he said.  

"Which means more people want the Nations rather than any other candidate based, but on our preferential system… of course that's then pushed Justine over the line"  

Just before 9pm Mr Fraser had 18,876 of the primary vote in comparison to Justine Elliot at 18,227.  

Updated, 7.53pm: THE mood in sitting member Justine Elliot's office is electric despite the Labor candidate saying it's too early to call. 

"We've just got to wait honestly," she said.

"We'll just have to wait until more of the votes are counted."

As expected Mrs Elliot only got a couple of hours sleep before waking up ready to go at 4am.

She spent most of the day with her family and supporters polling at Banora Point.

Coal Seam Gas was the main topic she was asked about; Mrs Elliot said it was on everyone's mind. 

"They're worried about impact on water resources, their agricultural lands and their way of life," she said.  

"The people really do value it a lot, it's come up so many times."  

At 7.44pm more than 35,000 votes had been counted and showed National's Matthew Fraser just ahead of the pack for the seat..  

In the projected two party candidate counts Fraser leads with a 2.23% swing, 24.76% of the vote has been counted.  

Updated, 6.00pm: IT'S been 33 days in the making but we're finally here.

The polls have closed and we will be keeping you informed.

Today, My Daily News photographer John Gass was on the ground, this is the story in pictures so far.

Updated, 4.04pm: IT IS just under two hours until polling booths close and most of the candidates are still out there trying to snag those last few votes.

Sitting member Labor's Justine Elliot, who roped the whole family in to handing out pamphlets, said the vibe in the community was good.  

"A lot of people have been going and talking to me about our plans," she said.  

Despite the positive response she said nothing was in the bag just yet.  

"I always say every election is hard work," she said.  

"Yes, it's good talking to people out there but I don't take it for granted and it's up to the people now."  

Nationals candidate Matthew Fraser said the response had been positive and he was "confident" he could get across the line.  

"I've been to a lot of booths in the northern end and lots of people are coming up for a chat," he said.  

"Most people keep saying you're the guy who is going to fix Kennedy Dr."  

A realistic Mr Fraser said he knew the southern end of the electorate was the hard spot to convince.  

"But we knew that coming in," he said.  

Greens candidate Dawn Walker, who watched her daughter Alice cast her first federal election vote this morning, said she started her day in Kingscliff and everyone had been asking questions about CSG.  

"It's been really heartening," she said.  

"Many people want to clarify our policies, which is great to see, so far so good."  

Independent Kevin Skinner, who voted last week, had been focusing on booths at the southern region of the electorate.   

"It's fairly Green down that end," he said.  

"But there's a little bit of support for Independents there."  

He planned to spend the rest of the afternoon polling the Tweed end of the electorate.  

Palmer United Party candidate Phil Allen said he'd been polling in Tweed.  

"It's pretty good and we're doing well actually," he said.   

Christian Democratic Party candidate John Ordish's mother Carol Ordish, who is a candidate for Page, said her son had not been able to poll in the area.  

"It's been hard because of the logistics of it all," she said.  

"I'm the main driver of the house and a candidate in Page."  

Poll booths close at 6pm.  

Stay tuned to My Daily News for rolling coverage.  

We will be live tweeting using the hashtag #RichmondDecides2013  

Initial report, 4:00pm: Stay up to date with the 2013 Federal Election.

My Daily News will give you the latest information from 4pm today.

You can join in the Twitter conversation by using the #RichmondDecides2013 hashtag.

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