MEANWHILE: NO ONE likes waiting. It's so out of fashion these days.
MEANWHILE: NO ONE likes waiting. It's so out of fashion these days.

EDITORIAL: We don't have to wait for anything except mercy

NO ONE likes waiting. It's so out of fashion these days.

Whether waiting for a train or bus, waiting at the dentist or waiting to pick up your car from the mechanics, waiting is hell.

No one likes the waiting room.

Wait for public transport at the windswept bus or taxi stand and there's the fear of the late-night random crazy person.

Wait at the dentist or the doctor and there's that smell - and the sound - and it's full of sick people.

Worse still, wait at the mechanics for them to finish with your car and there's the view of the workshop, the day-old drip-filter coffee, the two-year-old That's Life magazines and the danger of an unwanted glimpse of a mechanic's bum crack as he rotates your tyres. You can't un-see that.

Waiting also takes forever. Waiting is an insult. Waiting implies that we, the special little snowflakes we are, have to wait our turn.

Humans specifically invented the internet, mobile phones and instant gratification to eradicate waiting.

These days in the space between my high-powered meetings to discuss cross-platform synergisation and my single-origin hot vegan yoga session I can scroll through my socials.

I can use that time for some solid liking, sharing and hash-tagging (#notwaiting).

Sometimes having to wait is the result of bad organisation, lack of foresight or plain old political opportunism.

Such as waiting for corporations to pay their fair share of tax, an end to the citizenship circus or for Donald Trump to be impeached.

But what if there was nothing you could do about the waiting, like those people left on Manus Island and Nauru.

What if you had scraped everything you had together to make a run for it, to try and get you and your family out of harm's way. To escape being persecuted, killed or tortured.

What if you were then found to be a genuine refugee but our government deliberately made you wait as a way of punishing you for wanting to live in freedom and as a way of teaching people-smugglers a lesson.

What if they made you wait in a horrible place as a way of forcing you to go back to the country you risked everything to escape.

So you're stuck in a place where it feels like they are trying to torture and kill you all over again.

Now everyone is waiting to see if our government has the backbone to show some mercy.

We could be waiting a while.

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