NON-FREE RANGE: That's OK for eggs and chickens (apparently) but it's not ideal for human beings.
NON-FREE RANGE: That's OK for eggs and chickens (apparently) but it's not ideal for human beings. Julia Bartrim

EDITORIAL: More accidentally good leadership

I DON'T want to alarm you, but ScoMo may have made a good decision. Once again that decision may have been made inadvertently but you have to take the wins where you can.

He was looking for a positive policy to deliver up to an older demographic and a royal commish into the aged care sector fits the bill like a cup of warm Horlicks at bedtime (those under 40 will just have to Google it, I haven't got time to explain).

And make no bones about it, we are all staring down the barrel of impending geezer-dom even here in Byron Bay where the eternal quest to forestall the ravages of time has been raised to a spiritual vocation and businesses offering access to so-called fountains of youth are major employers.

And is it time to ask is a for-profit model the right way to go to ensure dignity, health and quality of life to us all as we age?

Making a profit requires providing a service or making goods in the most efficient manner possible.

That's OK for eggs and chickens (any livestock apparently) where we stuff as many of them into the smallest space possible, attended to by the fewest number of workers possible and feed them only what we need to keep them alive and productive.

That's how we get poached eggs on our smashed avo in the morning and cheap buckets of Confederate themed chicken.

It's not ideal for human beings but it seems that some in the for-profit aged care sector have been operating this way of late - many using staff you wouldn't hire to look after chickens.

Best case scenario? I'm thinking it will be a couple of years before we see the results and recommendations forthcoming from the royal commish, meantime some of our nearest and dearest may be languishing already.

I say we take a leaf out of the whole egg and chicken thing and immediately introduce a new free range certification for aged care facilities.

That's where I will be booking myself into - a place where I can roam, or roll on my mobility scooter, at will, grazing on scones from any cake shop I please. Then a nice glass of sherry before bed, forget the Horlicks.

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