DEMOCRACY: Suddenly, out there in no man's land (pun intended), there is a group of women with a to-do list.
DEMOCRACY: Suddenly, out there in no man's land (pun intended), there is a group of women with a to-do list. Christian Morrow

EDITORIAL: Democracy is freaking us out

TRADITIONALLY a Western Democracy operating under your common or garden Westminster system would have just the one Prime Minister but here in Straya we have about three doing the rounds at the moment.

Four if you count John Howard who always seems to pop up on the telly when the coalition gets the death wobbles.

But you have to hand it to the Feds, even with all sorts of chaos shaking loose around them like the kiddies wagging school because of our scorched earth environment policies, the Labour party nicking their NEG and David Attenborough popping up at the UN Climate Change Summit in Poland to tell us we're basically cactus, the actual words 'climate change' have not passed the parched lips of any cabinet minister including our hapless Environment Minister, Melissa Price.

Truly a testament to the iron discipline Tony Abbott has imposed on the party.

Here the ancient art of cinam-ocracy (explaining modern politics using old movie plots) come into its own. It's all basically the first Terminator movie except with both Tones and Scomo being evil Terminators sent forward from the Industrial Revolution to eliminate Tim Flannery, so everyone just shuts up about the climate, and Malcolm is basically the good Terminator sent to protect Tim but who did a crap job and got crushed in the machine.

But the danger has escalated even further with wholesale democracy breaking out in Federal parliament.

First Phelpsie and then Banksy have slipped into the cross benches to join McGowan-sie and Sharkie.

It's confusing everyone (including the meeja) who are much more used to seeing the Coalition and Labour struggling in the mud and slime like the opposing sides on the Western Front in 1916 France waging bitter, bloody and unproductive trench warfare.

Suddenly, out there in no man's land (pun intended), there is a group of women with a to-do list.

And we're now talking about ethics, a Federal corruption watchdog, getting kiddies and families off Nauru and (checks both ways before whispering) climate change.

Its almost like democracy is working and it's freaking us all out big time.

I'm wondering if Julia Gillard will permit herself a wry smile as she watches Scomo's minority government struggle for coherence. At least they have their other prong of attack, cyber security, to fall back on (pun also intended).

Soon all our phones and electronic what-nots will have a little back door in them that only the police, federal agencies, device manufacturers and basically everyone knows about.

But don't worry they will be hiding the key under a tiny little cyber mat just near the back door. Whew!

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