Easter ocean catch is looking good

EVERY coastline seafood co-operative will be heaving with the hungry today, as Australians continue their Easter tradition of consuming crustaceans and other marine creatures.

From Airlie Beach in the north Queensland to Coffs Harbour on the Central Coast of New South Wales, it will be prawns, scallops, oysters, crab, lobster, bugs and fish on the menu.

In Sydney, the world's biggest seafood market outside Japan will sell a mighty 370 tonnes of seafood by Sunday afternoon.

If only half of that weight was in prawns, it would still equate to almost 2.5 million of them.

Might need an extra dash of tartare for those.

Heading back north, Karen Collard said the violence of Cyclone Ita has not hindered the critical supply lines.

The Queensland Seafood Industry Association chair said the trawlers were back at sea as soon as she passed, ensuring plenty for punters.

"What we have found is that Good Friday is a fish consumption day," she said.

"Easter Sunday is when there are celerbations and families are coming together.

"It expands into prawns, bugs, scallops and crabs.

"All the nice seafood to celebrate."

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