Laura Geitz is Wellcamp Airport ambassador

Laura Geitz revealed as new Wellcamp Airport ambassador

DUST whipped beneath the circling Wagners helicopter and settled upon a short stretch of red carpet as Wellcamp Airport's mystery ambassador came in to land.

As her outstretched leg extended beyond the chopper door, the secret star's identity became clear.

Captain of the Australian netball team Laura Geitz set foot on the red dirt and was ushered towards her welcome party.

Both she and the carpet seemed foreign objects for the colossal work site, but Ms Geitz did not bat an eye (except to escape the dust).

Personal motives, as well as the benefit to region's economy, helped her make the decision to sign on as Wellcamp Airport ambassador.

"Mum travels around a lot to my games, as well as my sister and my family, and they are based in Allora," she said.

"They can be here in 45 minutes and be on a flight to another major city in Australia. I just think it's a fantastic opportunity for mum - I know she's very excited about it."

Laura Geitz will start her ambassadorial duties by meeting the public at the Wellcamp Airport open day this Sunday.

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