Canadian group Digging Roots offers an eclectic blend of Folk-Rock, Pop, Blues and Hip-Hop.
Canadian group Digging Roots offers an eclectic blend of Folk-Rock, Pop, Blues and Hip-Hop. RATUL KUMAR DEBNATH

Duo is Digging Roots at Bluesfest

CANADIAN group Digging Roots bring their eclectic blend of Folk-Rock, Pop, Blues and Hip-Hop to the Bluesfest stage for the very first time in 2016.

With their relaxed, unaffected optimism, whimsical idealism and fierce fiery blues they are an enthralling act to behold.

The group formed in 2004 and three short years later were awarded the Canadian Aboriginal Music for Best Group.

Their first album Seeds was nominated for Aboriginal Album of the Year at the Juno Awards in 2007, an honour they attained in 2010 for their subsequent album We Are.

Their latest offering, For The Light, was inspired by their travels, firmly inhabiting Roots and Blues with a nomadic wanderlust; confidently exploring other terrains from the inner cities, the back roads and all the places in between.

The husband and wife songwriting team, Raven Kanatakta and ShoShona Kish, have written and produced a collection of love songs that reflects a maturing sense of storytelling.

The album is rich with subtle references and sounds of their indigenous roots.

The lyrics go on further to tell tales of travellers, troublemakers, lovers and freedom fighters.

There are stories of desperation and resilience, of simple pleasures and wide-open spaces.

Following several years of heavy touring across cities and remote corners of Canada, the US, Europe, Mexico and Norwegian Arctic, Digging Roots return to Australia for Bluesfest where they will weave their beguiling musical tapestry.

At Bluesfest on Easter Thursday and Friday.

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