Driver unable to explain reason for crash

UNLICENSED driver Chiara Hubber appeared before an Ipswich magistrate, saying "I crashed my car".

But 23-year-old Hubber remained silent to police and the court as to what caused the crash.

Chiara Adrianne Yvonne Hubber, from Caboolture, pleaded guilty in Ipswich Magistrates Court to being a driver who failed to have proper control over her vehicle at Mt Crosby on December 15, 2018; and driving unlicensed when SPER suspended.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Matt Donnelly said police attended a single-vehicle crash scene at 2.50am on December 15 on the Mt Crosby Rd.

A female was seen standing on the side of the road near the post office. Hubber said she had been driving the vehicle.

A check revealed she was had become a suspended driver from December 9 as a result of her SPER debt (State Penalties Enforcement Registry).

Hubber was aware of her debt and told officers she was paying it off but stopped her monthly payments.

Sgt Donnelly said when asked about the crash, Hubber said she lost control for unknown reasons.

Her vehicle crashed into an embankment, travelled 6m and stopped in the northbound lane.

It received significant front-end damage.

Hubber told Magistrate David Shepherd she had nothing to add on the matter.

Mr Shepherd noted the limited information before the court on how the accident occurred and fined her $650 - sent to SPER for a payment plan.

Hubber's licence was disqualified two months.

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