Clair Wooley and Lia Capes at Dreamworld spoke out about the tragedy.
Clair Wooley and Lia Capes at Dreamworld spoke out about the tragedy.

Dreamworld tragedy: Our thoughts with families, children

AS a parent, it's hard to imagine what the 12-year-old daughter of the mum killed in Tuesday's Dreamworld tragedy would be going through right now.

Her grandmother revealed some of her anguish on Tuesday night.

"(The child) has had a truly terrible day, she is going through unimaginable pain at the moment,'' Kim Dorsett said.

Ms Dorsett's daughter Kate Goodchild, 32, and son Luke Dorsett, 35, were killed on the Thunder River Rapids ride.

The circumstances were horrific - indeed unimaginable for anyone who has been on that ride.

There are a long list of rides at Dreamworld where you would think something tragic could happen before that ride.

Buzzsaw, The Tower of Terror II, The Claw, The Giant Drop or even Wipeout would be far more likely candidates.

On what is one of the tamest rides at Dreamworld, one of twists, turns, and getting a little wet, the fun ride ended in horror as the raft flipped.

Claire Wooley and Lia Capes were waiting in line to go on the ride,  when people started running out screaming.

"Before we knew it everyone was running out in hysterics," Ms Capes told ARM on Tuesday night.

Ms Wooley said in the moments after the tragedy, she was: "Just assisting a child..we believe her mother was one of the deceased."

No words can convey what the Dorsett family are going through today.

But these certainly paint a picture.

"I have three children and have lost two of them (Tuesday) - my whole family has been wiped out," Kim Dorsett told the Courier Mail.

Kate Goodchild
Kate Goodchild

Ms Goodchild had two daughters, aged eight months and 12 years.

"I'm at a loss as to how to deal with this now - I woke up this morning with three children and tomorrow I am only going to have one left," the Canberra resident said.


The family was holidaying on the Gold Coast and had extended their stay by a few days.

While many are now questioning the safety record of Dreamworld, the fact is that for decades it has been a place where families have enjoyed thrilling rides confident that safety checks and maintenance is continually carried out.

Suggestions by Steve Price that Dreamworld may be never opened again are certainly premature.

But the reality is that the public has to have full confidence in it as a premium tourist attraction.

To that end, more than 30 investigators are now involved in the probe into the accident.

It is unlikely the ride at the centre of the tragedy will be reopened for week, months or perhaps ever.

And Dreamworld itself cannot open its doors until there is a clear understanding about what happened - and a commitment to procedures to ensure it never happens again.

Finally, we should be thankful that two of those on the ride, now confirmed as a boy aged 10 and girl aged 12, somehow managed to survive.

That miracle is certainly one worth recognising as we mourn the lives of the four adults killed.

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