"It becomes more real once the police tape goes up"

DAVID Levi and his family knew something was wrong at Dreamworld on Tuesday when he started getting worried calls from his family in Bundaberg.  

Mr Levi, his wife Penny and children Georgia and Alex were on the second day of their Gold Coast holiday.

"If it wasn't for the phone calls we wouldn't have known anything was going on." 

"It is not something we expect on a family fun day."

The Wild Rapid ride, where four people were killed in a horrific accident today, was the next ride on the family's schedule.

"We didn't see much, both entrances to the area were cordoned off with security and lifeguards.

"We had no idea what was going on until we started getting phone calls from family checking on our welfare.

"Then we noticed the ride had been drained of water.

"We knew something serious had happened, police and ambulance were there by that time as well."

"It becomes more real once the police tape goes up."

Mr Levi said the park staff were very professional in the crisis.

"They were following their procedures after the event as much as they could.

"They were the Indians they needed to be.

"They were very respectful to the public but sombre as well."

"We are funeral directors… we have tried to get way from death but somehow it has followed us."

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