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Dopey friend cops fine as mates go to pot

WHEN Cimmerone Matheson's friends were in need he did their deeds. But he paid for them, big time.

Matheson realised his favours didn't do any for himself after he was slapped with $2500 in fines in court yesterday.

The Park Ave man yesterday pleaded guilty in the Rockhampton Magistrates Court to one charge of supplying dangerous drugs, one of possessing utensils and contravening police directions.

A group of mates asked Matheson if he could buy a small amount of cannabis for them from a supplier they knew.

The court heard that his mates gave him the money to buy the cannabis. He returned with their change.

On August 19, police searched Matheson's house and found a small amount of cannabis and a set of scales used to weigh it. Police Prosecutor Karen Dunham said Matheson was co-operative and compliant when police asked him if he would like to declare any items before the search started.

His lawyer Shayne Studdert said Matheson at first declined his friends' requests to buy drugs but changed his mind because he felt bad for not doing so.

Rockhampton Magistrate Barry Cosgrove told Matheson in court yesterday he seemed like "a stupid person" for doing his mates a favour.

Mr Cosgrove suggested a term of probation as punishment, to which he was deemed suitable.

However, Matheson declined that option, saying it didn't suit his schedule.

On all charges, Mr Cosgrove fined Matheson $2500. His convictions were recorded.

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