Family claims glass shards found in supermarket treat.
Family claims glass shards found in supermarket treat.

Glass found in deadly donuts

SUPERMARKET giant Coles is investigating its Ballina store after a Lennox Head family allegedly found shards of glass in donuts made in the store's bakery.

The family, who asked not to be named, said they bought the packet of Coles bakery brand cinnamon donuts last Wednesday.

One of the family members said she believed she unwittingly swallowed a small piece of glass, saying she had noticed something ‘hard' in the donut when she ate it.

Her father later took another donut and allegedly found a shard of glass in it. He said the glass appeared very thin, like the sort of material used to make test tubes.

Fortunately, no one in the family, which includes a young child, was injured.

Staff at the supermarket apologised and immediately refunded their money when family members took the donuts back the next day.

One of the family members said she had previously worked at a supermarket and knew the sorts of safety procedures supermarkets often used in their kitchens.

She said she was surprised glass could have found its way into a product.

Any breakages in a food preparation area meant all work had to stop and the area completely cleaned before staff could resume operations, she said.

If glass broke in or near dough, the dough had to be thrown out and the cooking process started over from scratch.

The discovery of glass in any product in a store would be enough to warrant a visit by the food safety auditor, she said.

Coles media manager Jim Cooper said the incident appeared to have been a one-off and there had been no other complaints or problems found during product inspections.

“Coles takes the quality and safety of all products it sells very seriously,” Mr Cooper said.

“We are obviously concerned about this particular incident and we are investigating the possible cause.

“Fortunately, it would appear at this stage to be an isolated incident, and no other product issues have been raised either by customers, or via product inspections at the store.”

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