Roadside produce stall on Rose Rd.
Roadside produce stall on Rose Rd.

'Scary' challenge for city slickers turned farmers

A COUPLE of self-confessed city slickers, turned primary producers, have discovered a multitude of benefits of helping to run a roadside produce stall.

The stand, is at the bottom of Rose Road (where it meets Tuntable Creek Road between The Channon and Nimbin).

Up until COVID-19 hit, Sue Paget and her husband Dale had been doing the commute between the Northern Rivers and Sydney where they are TV writers and producers.

Sue is ARD German Television's producer for Australia and has written seven books for women at midlife. Dale Paget was a long time part of Seven Network's Sunday Night and now is an independent producer.

"We had long thought about doing a roadside stand," Sue said.

"We love passing and buying from other stands, but to be honest it felt a bit scary to put ourselves out there, doing this 'farmer' thing.

"However, when we all went into lockdown and could no longer travel, we felt like we had nothing to lose and went for it.

"We are currently on our 20th week of running the stand on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. It is one of the funnest projects we've done and has taught us so much about harvesting, selling and self-sufficiency."

The stand has also become something of a communal project for the residents who live along Rose Road.


Roadside produce stall Rose Rd.
Roadside produce stall Rose Rd.


"The properties on Rose Road are a mix of farms and private hobby ventures that raise everything from amazing flowers to cattle to eggs to fruits and veggies," Sue said.

"So far we have a handful of neighbours participating depending on what's in season and our hope is that this grows with the aim being that we can all shop from each other, share great produce with locals and passers by and give everyone an opportunity to earn a little extra coin."

One of the other key instigators and supporters of the Rose Road produce stand is Peter Larsen.

"Pete's family owns a lot of property in Tuntable Creek and when he was a young fella, his mother used to run a roadside stand here and people would come from miles around to buy from her," Sue said.

"Starting up the stand honours that legacy, has given a positive energy to the area during a stressful time and now Pete has joined in on the collective and is in the finishing process of building a brand new stand.

"Our stand is also underneath an incredible fig tree and we hope in the summer to put a few chairs under it so people can sit and take it all in."

To find out more head to Instagram @therainforestfarm

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