GREEN POWER: Dr Derek Muller stars in new documentary Vitamania.
GREEN POWER: Dr Derek Muller stars in new documentary Vitamania.

Doco separates fact from fiction in the vitamin industry

VITAMANIA is a new documentary in which scientist and YouTuber Dr Derek Muller takes audiences on a world-spanning investigation of vitamin science and history, asking how do we decide whether to take vitamin supplements or not?

This year the world will spend more than $100 billion on vitamins and supplements. Almost one billion of us take one regularly - or give one to our children. Every week, a new benefit is claimed.

Muller, a scientist, is sceptical of the many marketing claims, but open to discovery. He learns that vitamin-related science has won 10 Nobel Prizes.

But how do we separate the sense from the nonsense?

Dr Muller he travels inside the Arctic Circle in Norway to eat rotten fish and trace the story of cod liver oil.

In the US, he attends a massive "natural health" trade show, revealing the hype and hysteria that drives the multi-billion-dollar global trade.

And in Melbourne, he discovers that the daily amount of each vitamin the human body needs to survive is tiny - in some cases, so tiny that it can barely be seen by the naked eye.

Producers Genepool Productions are a multi-award winning company based in Melbourne, led by creative director Sonya Pemberton and cinematographer Harry Panagiotidis.

The team has produced highly acclaimed science documentaries, including Jabbed - Love, Fear and Vaccines (2012).

Vitamania launches worldwide this August on,, SBS Australia and later on ARTE France and Germany.

  • See an advance screening of this film at Mullum Civic Hall, Mullumbimby, this Wednesday, August 8, from 7pm. Tickets via Screenworks. Producer Sonya pemberton will offer a Q&A after the screening.

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