Dion expects twin overload

CELINE Dion thinks looking after twins will be "overwhelming."

The 'My Heart Will Go On' singer- who already has a nine-year-old son Rene-Charles with her husband Rene Angelil - gave birth to twin boys on Saturday but admitted recently she was expecting her life to become chaotic.

Speaking in an interview given before she gave birth, she said: "It will be overwhelming for everybody, the night time feeding and all that stuff - that is normal. That's part of motherhood and that's why it takes nine months and everybody says you have to rest.

"You have to rest because you're going to be busy! Why do you think you wake up every two hours to go to the bathroom? Because it's a rehearsal for when you have to breastfeed every two hours. It's all planned you know."

The 42-year-old pop star also revealed she hasn't decorated the nursery because she doesn't plan for her new sons - who are expected to be released from hospital later this week - to sleep there at first.

She told Britain's Hello! magazine: "It's not really completed and I'll tell you why. I did not really rush. I got really nervous about it and I wanted to wait until the last minute because I said to myself, even if it's not finished the newborns will not be sleeping in their bedroom anyway. They'll be in my room."

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