A DEVASTATED wife on Channel Nine series The Last Resort has shared the text message she sent her husband's mistress after she found out about their affair.

"I'm curious to know if you enjoyed f***ing my husband. The father of my three children," Lucy said, reading the message in front of her husband Carl and the four other troubled couples on the controversial new reality series.

It was previously revealed Carl, a personal trainer, had slept with a client at the home he shares with wife Lucy and their three children.

The text continued: "Maybe I should seduce and f*ck your boyfriend so you know exactly how it feels to be deceived. I hope you never run into me. Have a lovely day."

The confronting moment came during an exercise set by the show's experts as a way of helping each partner overcome the resentment that hinders their relationship. Each person was made select an item that represented their resentment and told to throw it into a bonfire.

For Josh, the item that represented his resentment was the paternity test that proves he's the father of the daughter he shares with partner Sharday. Last night, viewers were left shocked when it was revealed Sharday lied during her pregnancy, telling Josh he was not the father.

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The item Lisa threw into the bonfire was a print out of the messages her partner Dan sent her when he broke up with her over Facebook Messenger.

Lisa shares the breakup message Dan sent her on Facebook.
Lisa shares the breakup message Dan sent her on Facebook.

"I really care about you but I can't see myself marrying you or living happily ever after under our current circumstances."

The couples will spend a month at the luxury retreat in the south pacific working through their issues under the guidance of relationship experts Sandy Rea and Michael Myerscough. At the end of the experiment, they will decide whether they want to stay or leave their relationship.

The Last Resort continues Tuesday night on Nine at 7.30pm.

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