Man molests disabled daughter

A 60-YEAR-OLD Grafton man has been given a 10-month suspended jail sentence for fondling the breasts of his intellectually disabled daughter, Grafton Local Court heard yesterday.

The man, who cannot be named because it could identify the daughter, had been drinking alcohol with his brother on February 17, this year, when he followed his 28-year-old daughter to a yard at the rear of the family home.

A police report tendered to the court said the woman’s mother, who was washing dishes at about 7.30pm, heard her daughter yell out to the family’s dog.

The mother walked outside where she saw her husband standing directly behind her daughter.

Police said the accused was leaning over the victim with his left arm down the top of her clothing and was touching her breast with his hand.

“What the hell’s going on here?” the mother asked.

Police evidence said the mother asked her daughter to go inside when the man said, “Oh, she’s alright.”

The woman escorted her daughter to a neighbour’s house and called police.

A police statement stated the victim suffered a mild intellectual disability and had the mental developmental equivalent of a 12 to 14-year-old.

Magistrate Sinclair said that although the man’s offence was on the lower end of the charge (commit act of indecency with person 16 years or over); it was made worse by the fact that his daughter suffered an intellectual disability.

She said the man’s relatively clean criminal record meant that she was able to suspend his jail sentence.

She warned him however that he would face jail if he was to re-offend in any similar way in the next 10 months.

He was also ordered to seek probation service help, to fulfil the conditions of his bond.

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