REMEMBER old school parenting?

Bryan Thornhill certainly does and now, thanks to some "creative" thinking, so does his son.

Thornhill, from the US state of Virginia, dished out some 'old school' punishment by forcing his son to run to school after the 10-year-old was caught bullying.

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Following an incident that had Thornhill Jnr kicked off the school bus, Bryan implemented some tough love and had his son run the mile (1.6km) to school for the week.

"This right here is just old school, simple parenting," Bryan says in footage showing him trailing his jogging son.

"This ain't killing nobody, this is a healthy way for a child to be punished.

"This right here is called parenting. Guys, if you don't what it's like, here you go."

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Not even a rainy day could water down the punishment - Bryan doubling down on the punishment after his son again misbehaved.

And Bryan, in the video posted to YouTube, says the unusual punishment is working wonders.

"Ironically, since he's been running to school this week, his behaviour has been much better," Bryan says.

"Teachers have approved of his behaviour this week, he hasn't got into trouble at school this week."

And for anyone who may rail at the sight of a parent forcing a military-style punishment on their child, Bryan has a simple retort.

"Thornhill does not tolerate (bullying)," he says.

"I get creative with stuff, I've done all kinds of different things but we're going to make sure one way or another his teachers are able to enjoy his company at school and his not disrupting his classmates.

"(So) teach your child a lesson.

"You don't have to kill them, you don't always have to beat them, but sometimes it sucks for them and that's what teaches them."

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