Crossfit CQ owner Sean O'Neill believes his fitness centre is just what Rockhampton has been missing.
Crossfit CQ owner Sean O'Neill believes his fitness centre is just what Rockhampton has been missing. Allan Reinikka ROK020218acrossfi

CrossFit CQ brainchild opens in Rockhampton

WHAT was once an "underground" garage gym is now a worldwide phenomenon that is now exploding into the Rockhampton fitness scene.

Rockhampton's new CrossFit CQ centre will be holding an inclusive Central Queensland competition this Saturday.

The event will welcome CrossFitters from all over Central Queensland, up to Mackay, out to Emerald and Clermont and down to Hervey Bay and Bundaberg.

Athletes that attend the day will be registered at the centre.

"They will receive an athlete pack and will be given an hour to set up, and at 8am we will brief everyone on the day, the workouts and the standards of the workouts and explain the logistics and how the day will be run," owner Sean O'Neill said.

"From there, everyone will get on board and the workouts will start. There will be 3 workouts for day."

However, the day will have an added layer of meaning for the centre, with the theme of inclusiveness the major draw card for the day.

The concept of a "mash up" will see pairs of athletes being teamed up with another pair from a different gym.

"The concept behind that is to get the wider CrossFit community engaging with each other and it's a cool way to meet other people and form relationships and friendship with other CrossFitters from other towns and help people train and reach their goals," O'Neill said.

CrossFit CQ is the dream child of Rockhampton born O'Neill who left behind his career as a Brisbane East Tiger player after developing a taste for the high intensity training.

After discovering CrossFit at his gym, he decided to launch himself into a new field of fitness.

"I had an internship in Brisbane over 8 years ago and spent another two at another local CrossFit facility called CrossFit Resolve," O'Neill said.

"From there me and my business partner --- moved back and started CrossFit Gladstone in Gladstone.

"It's been running for six years now and a year ago we trained Tia-Clair Eoomeyand and her coach Shane Orr. We sold that over a year ago.

Mr O'Neill's CrossFit CQ has been in the pipeline quite a long time and has finally come to fruition.

"A lot of people are really excited about the opening along with the other businesses in the complex," he said.

"It's been a talking topic for lot of people for long time and we've all come together this week."

Foot traffic poured through the doors of the Central Queensland Newest Health, Fitness and Well Being Centre on the corner of Kent and Archer St on Monday.

"We sent a survey text to everyone who came this week for feedback," O'Neill said.

"A majority of the responses were they love the site, the premise, and said it's 'so exiting', but they finished by saying 'to be honest, it doesn't matter where you are, as long as the people and the programming and the methodology stays the same."

The methodology behind CrossFit CQ is what O'Neill is most influenced by and he said at this complex, he and the coaches are "always using functional movement and varying those" so it's relate to every individual's fitness level.

"Our methodology is about making people better across all ten component of fitness," he said.

"They range from speed, power to agility, balance, coordination, accuracy, and flexibility. All these things we take very serious and that comes out in our programming.

After becoming a personal training in Brisbane, O'Neill's eye were opened to the complexity of the CrossFit world.

"I got to learn a lot early on," he said.

"I enjoyed and agree with the methodology of the training. It's a very thought out process and an extensive training program.

"A lot of people think the high intensity stuff is only done with really fit people, but someone of any fitness level can do it."

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