RECOVERING: Teacher Sophie Bachmann is back at home after she was badly injured in a car crash on her way to work.
RECOVERING: Teacher Sophie Bachmann is back at home after she was badly injured in a car crash on her way to work. Sarah Harvey

Crash victim vows to be back for her class

SOPHIE Bachmann remembers nothing about the crash that nearly ended her life but she will never forget the people who make her life worthwhile.

Recovering from terrible injuries, she has set herself one goal - to get to her students' graduation ceremony on November 15.

"Because I'm in my fifth year now, they're the kids I've taken through from year eight and the idea of not seeing them for the last four weeks; not watching them graduate was really hard," she said, her voice quivering.

The Laidley High School teacher, who lives with her husband Stephen in Raceview, crashed on the way to school on Tuesday, October 8.

The 27-year-old's car ran off Rosewood-Laidley Rd at Grandchester, plunged down a steep embankment, slammed into trees - snapping a gum in two - and flipped on to its roof.

"It was the first day of term," Sophie said, now recovering at home.

"There'd been a lady who'd followed me from Leichhardt who must work in Laidley as well and she said I kind of swerved one way then realised and tried to go the other way but over-corrected, lost control of the car and went over the edge.

"But the accident itself I don't remember at all; the last thing I can remember is like being on the way to work and then being in hospital."

Sophie was airlifted to Princess Alexandra Hospital where she was placed in an induced coma in the intensive care ward.

The first night was touch and go and she spent a week in ICU and a week in a ward before being released earlier than expected.

She knows she was conscious after the crash because somehow she got herself out of the car.

"Part of me wonders if it's the action movie thing - in my head I was thinking I had to get out of the car before it explodes. Because they always blow up in the movies," she said, laughing.

"I was really lucky because this lady pulled up and came down and I was lying on the ground.

"Then this lady, who I'm really grateful for, stayed on the scene, held my hand and kept me calm.

"There was a really big wound here on my right arm and she kind of closed that and tried to stop the blood flow. The second person on the scene was actually the chief of Laidley fire service who is also a man arts teacher at our school, Craig Barrett.

"I think they both definitely saved my life. If no-one had seen me; both of my lungs were punctured and collapsed and I've got five broken ribs so with all of that and the trauma of it I'd say if I hadn't had them behind me, I wouldn't be here."

Sophie hasn't lost her sense of humour, recalling the result of a spilled container of glitter in her car during the crash.

"I'd thrown something on it and the container exploded and I'd never got around to vacuuming it so when it rolled Stephen explained it was like a snow globe," she said.

"It must have been awful for the doctors though, they said they had to clean so much glitter out of all my wounds and they were picking glitter off my and out of my hair.

"Apparently the police said they'd never seen so many shoes in a car."

Sophie's mother-in-law Janette got on plane from England the night of the crash and her mum comes around a lot.

"That's one of the nicest things about waking up; understanding how much support you had from everyone and how much people were thinking about you," Sophie said.

"My aunty works at St Edmund's College and she said the whole school prayed for me at a mass. Little things like that are really touching to find out.

"I couldn't have had a better support network around me; my friends and family and staff have been fantastic.

"I got lots of lovely messages from the kids and friends as well; it's been really sweet."

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