Crap! Police throw out ring passed by alleged thief

IT IS enough to give you the s**ts!

Queensland police have been forced to admit they have "lost" one of the two rings stolen from a Brisbane jewellery store.

Police were forced to play a waiting game after David Watts allegedly stole two diamond rings worth $60,000 in a brazen robbery more than a week ago.

Bizarrely, Watts allegedly swallowed both rings when police cornered him in a shopping centre.

The loot remained concealed in Watts' body and a court ordered he remain in custody until he was able to pass them.

The days ticked by as police waited for Watts to produce the evidence.

However, in a major blunder, police were forced to admitted on Friday that Watts had actually passed one of the rings and it had been "inadvertently disposed of."

Deputy Commissioner Ross Barnett said internal investigators from Ethical Standards Command had been called in and police would discuss compensating the owners for their loss.

It is understood the lost ring was in waste bags Watts handed to police which were disposed without a search.

"We believe it was inadvertently disposed of in one of two waste bags that were given to us by the prisoner and delivered as part of normal waste collection from the Brisbane city watch house," he said.

"This is a rare and difficult set of circumstances as no one sets out to lose evidence.

"He has had no visitor contact and been under constant surveillance throughout. We are confident as we can be that the ring has unfortunately been inadvertently lost in the waste disposal process."

Deputy Commissioner Barnett said x-rays have confirmed Watts now has only one of two stolen rings inside him.

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