Cr Jan Barham won't quit as mayor

WHILE she admits the workload is "huge" and she never gets a day off, Greens MLC Jan Barham says she won’t be quitting her job as mayor of Byron Shire.

"I am coping with both jobs and I certainly have no intention to quit as mayor," she said.

Cr Barham’s statements come in response to a recent front-page story in a Sydney newspaper which said that four State MPs would quit their second jobs as mayors because they could not cope with the workload of both positions.

The mayors declared the workload was too much and they were either missing parliamentary sittings or council meetings because of their stretched responsibilities. "You can’t do both jobs," they said.

Cr Barham has missed the two previous Byron Shire Council meetings, but will attend today’s (Thursday) meeting.

"I accept that I have missed the past two meetings, but these other mayors have partners and a family which they are trying to juggle along with their work," she said.

"I don’t have a family, so it’s easier for me.

"I will no doubt miss some more council meetings this year, but I feel that I am coping with all my responsibilities."

Cr Barham said she had complete confidence in her fellow councillors and staff and she believed she was still "doing the right thing" by ratepayers.

She said her new position as Greens MLC was "very interesting".

"I am now able to take Byron’s issues direct to Ministers and this is very valuable," she said.



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